What are the tips for motor grader basic preventive maintenance? Graders are employed on construction sites for heavy-duty labor, and their movable blades (moldboards) are the most vital component—also the most harmed by the machine’s operation. As a result, they require a little extra care and attention.

Motor graders benefit from routine maintenance to keep them running at their best in terms of power, efficiency, and safety. It also helps to reduce machine downtime, high repair and part replacement costs, and an excessively short lifespan—which, of course, means high heavy equipment replacement prices.

Examine this guide on motor grader preventative maintenance to ensure that operators and supervisors are aware with the procedures and can carry them out.

The Benefits of Working with a Motor Grader

Taking Care of Motor Graders’ Preventive Maintenance

  • Check the operator’s manual for precise cleaning and maintenance instructions and make sure you follow them.
  • Also, follow the maintenance service appointment instructions in the manual.
  • Inspect the cutting edges of the blades for wear that compromises performance on a frequent basis—even daily or every 25 operating hours depending on the type of surface; also inspect the condition and tightness of the bolts attaching the blade to the moldboard.
  • To avoid having to replace the entire moldboard, replace blades and bolts as needed; most cutting edges require at least 12 inch of usable space.
  • At least once a month, inspect the blade slide that permits the moldboard to swivel and the guides that control the blade slide’s movements for wear and tear.
  • Replace the guides as needed, and do so all four at once.
  • If the blade slide appears to be moving too freely, replace the clevis pins that hold it in place.
  • Check the teeth (rippers) of a motor grader’s scarifier for wear on a regular basis; replace teeth as needed, or you’ll have to replace the scarifier’s shank, which is more expensive.
  • Follow optimal procedures for fluid control.
  • To maintain fuel efficiency, check and clean the air filters as directed in the operator’s manual, and keep an eye out for the restricted alert; motor graders are subjected to the most filth of any heavy equipment, and their structure makes them particularly vulnerable to clogged air filters.
  • To preserve traction and the machine’s performance and productivity, keep an eye on the tire pressure and tread depth, making sure the tread is never less than 12 inches deep.
  • Complete a comprehensive pre- and post-operation inspection at all times.
  • Clean and lubricate the circle ring according to the operator’s manual’s directions.
  • Check all hoses and connections for wear, cracks, tears, and leaks on a regular basis and repair as needed.
  • Idle the engine for 5 minutes after operation before shutting it off to reduce hydraulic pressure that could damage seals or hoses.
  • Every day, clean off any dirt or foreign matter that has accumulated.


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