What is the proper digging positions with excavator? While using a trencher to dig a trench might be your best option, as anybody who works in the construction industry will attest, there are times when you have to put up with less-than-ideal circumstances. You can occasionally find yourself in a situation where you need to dig a trench using an excavator. So, how should excavators be used properly?

Here are a few tried-and-true suggestions for using excavators properly.

  • Use surveyors or a laser level to mark the location of the trench. Instead, you may use a can of spray paint.
  • Get close to the goal so you can use the track markers to help keep you in line. If it is safe to do so, walk your machine to the goal.
    When you dig, point your undercarriage in the direction you want to go and maintain your upper house square. To accomplish this, align the grouser bars with the bottom of the cab. Several recommend doing a 180-degree turn. To see your goal clearly, all you need to do is turn 90 degrees.
    It can also help you place your tracks such that the trench lines up with your left track. When that happens, you should just dig within the track.
    Dig slowly and gradually rather than instantly reaching the desired depth. Start by removing the top layer of dirt and go steadily downward.
    When digging a v-ditch, keep an eye on the middle line by making sure the trench’s centerline is deeper than the slants.
    Hence, bear in mind that security and functionality should come before looks.
  • It can’t be difficult to catch up on the trench’s appearance. It won’t matter if the trench is completely straight, as long as it is broad and deep enough to accommodate the pipe.
  • Like other heavy equipment activities, learning how to use an excavator to dig the “ideal trench” requires experience. Excavation is a skill that is hard to learn in a classroom. It’s a skill that you eventually master, though. You’ll eventually get a “feel” for how to do it admirably with practice and by watching skilled operators at work.

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