What are the tips to keep your heavy equipment running smoothly? Warm to hot weather in Florida can put a strain on construction equipment in the summer and beyond—for most of the year. In the Sunshine State, operating big machines necessitates extra safeguards and constant attention to maintenance activities that keep heavy equipment running smoothly in the heat.

Naturally, the value of preventive maintenance cannot be emphasized. It’s critical for keeping your fleet running at maximum capacity, efficiency, and safety, as well as avoiding costly downtime, repairs, and part replacements. It also helps your machines last longer. This entails specialized maintenance to keep big machinery running smoothly in the heat.

So, amid Florida’s extended periods of warm to hot weather, here are some fundamental maintenance activities to make sure you complete.

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Heavy Equipment Running

Heavy Equipment Preventive Maintenance in Hot Weather

  • As much as possible, keep your machines out of direct sunlight.
  • Ensure that machines have the proper level of coolant, the correct coolant-to-water ratio, and enough oil during daily checks. In the heat, heavy equipment consumes these fluids at a quicker rate. The OEM handbook can provide information on the proper types and amounts.
  • Because heat degrades grease’s sticky qualities, use a thicker grease. For details on what sort of grease to use, where to apply it, and how often to reapply it, consult the OEM manual.
  • To help safeguard operators from the potentially harmful impacts of the heat, test the air conditioning systems in cabs.
  • Every day, check for looseness and discolouration, excessive pliancy, or cracking in belts and hoses. These are normal overheating symptoms.
  • Check the air filters on a regular basis.
  • During daily checks, look for evidence of hydraulic leaks and leaks around seals.
  • Every day, check your tire pressure. Tires deteriorate in hot conditions, increasing the danger of blowouts. Also, because heat raises tire pressure, it can lead to overinflation, which raises the danger of blowouts even more.
  • Heat and humidity can degrade brake components and reduce brake friction, therefore inspect all heavy equipment brakes on a regular basis.
  • In hot and humid weather, the cooling system is even more necessary, and it works harder, therefore inspect its components on a daily basis. Keep radiators and cooling system inlets and outputs clean and free of debris.
  • Make sure the radiator isn’t corroded and that the radiator cap isn’t damaged or swollen.
  • Keep an eye out for frequent indicators that you’re overworking your heavy machinery.


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