Why safety meetings are important in construction? Construction workers run the risk of harm when working with or near heavy gear. Dump trucks, hauling equipment, and articulating dump trucks are all susceptible to these threats. Employees should also make sure they only use equipment for which they have been properly trained and given permission. This forces the discussion of the advantages heavy equipment operators can get from safety sessions.

The key to making sure all crew members are highly visible on the construction site is to have frequent safety briefings to educate heavy equipment operators, ground crew, and managers of the safety rules when operating on or near heavy equipment, particularly dump trucks.

The following subjects should be covered in safety meetings, along with their advantages.
Dump trucks, their operators, and anybody standing or working close are at danger during dumping operations.

In particular while moving through uneven or muddy terrain, the truck is more prone to tip over when the operator lifts the bed.
Prior to having the operator lower the bed, always clean the vicinity of the dumping site.
Operators must continuously be alert for any above power lines before lifting the bed!
For effective protection of the operators during loading activities, use a canopy or cab shield.
Crushing risks are quite significant. A human might get trapped in a number of locations aboard dump trucks, including the bed, the space between the cab and body, the canopy, or the tailgate.
If any service, repair, or other work is to be done successfully below a bed, it must be supported by a framework strong enough to carry the strain.

To prevent accidents, never enter a place beneath an elevated dump bed without safety gear.
Personnel run the potential of being in grave danger if they are allowed under an open tailgate. Depending on the type of truck, the tailgate’s weight might be close to a ton.