Park the Equipment at the street side of the project. Plug in the engine block heater every evening. See owners manual to see where The plug is located If manual is unavailable give one of our professionals a call to walk you through it.
**If power is not available onsite. Connecting to your generator upon arrival in the morning is an alternative. Twenty to Thirty minutes will greatly assist the Heavy equipment to warm up and start properly.
If enclose or open use this method to protect glass from snow and ice Cover the cab with a tarp to shield the joysticks and electronics from snow and ice.**If you own your Heavy equipment and would like more information about our certified covers. Contact us for further information.
Always keep Diesel fuel above a half a tank. Add a winter fuel additive when needed. Diesel 911 is our recommendation and is easily available at your local auto parts store.

Starting fluid. ONE QUICK SHOT into the air intake before cranking engine. If engine fails to start, wait a couple of minutes then repeat. Do not attempt a third time!
Have a heavy duty set of jumper cables to assist starting.
Once The machine is started, let machine warm up. Quickly gun the engine to activate the alternator and charging system. Slowly operate hydraulics to circulate and warm up fluid.