What are the heavy compact excavator attachments ?You can use your compact excavator to clean the soil, smash concrete, compact the soil, and other tasks with the help of these five attachments. To make the life of operators easier, we also introduce certain tilt rotators, thumbs, and rapid couplings.

The 18 compact excavator attachments are listed below:

The Werk-Brau was a great tool for practicing leveling and digging so that small excavators could be used as machines for demolition or soil clearing. The multi-pointed rake attachment can be used for a variety of jobs, including gathering demolition debris, clearing brush and roots, sorting materials, and more. It is simple to add and has the same rotational angle and discharge as a typical shovel. Additionally, the rake’s lower portion contains a tiny serration for improved grip. The manufacturer further claims that strengthened plates and wedges are used to support heavy-duty fingers for added stability and strength.

MX Series Mini Excavator Planers from RoadHog

possess a Geroler direct-drive engine. They can fit in 1-inch increments and have a cut depth of up to 5 inches. These attachments are offered for cutting widths of 12 or 16 inches. They use a quick-release mounting device or a pin to secure the excavator. It is made to fix cracks, lines in the sidewalk, travel and cold-related hazards, and to open holes for pipe repairs. The company claims that optional drums are available for certain width requirements.


provides a compact pallet fork attachment made for excavators weighing between 2 and 6 metric tons. The attachment increases the amount of work that the machines are capable of handling when used with the company’s ECN206 tilting rotator. Pallet forks for excavators, which “may be as simple as accessories as buckets on excavators,” the business claims, are a rising market that is also a focus. The forks can also support a load of 2 tons and come in mechanical and hydraulic versions. The prongs are typically 800 millimeters long.

Rock Cutter Attachment FAE

Do a speedy job of crushing stones and hard surfaces like asphalt, bitumen, and concrete with excavators starting at 2 tonnes. Attachments for small excavators range in width from 14.5 to 25 inches. Daily maintenance is eliminated by the hydraulic piston engine’s direct drive and automatic lubrication system. The engine is shielded by a safety cover, and anti-wear plates help the drum support last a long time. Drum teeth are also interchangeable and come in a variety of sizes, including hefty stone teeth.

Komatsu’s hydraulic breakers from the G- and H-Series

The G-Series features a nitrogen-filled filter and a hybrid hydraulic flow and pressure design. Battery circuit breakers in the H series do not need nitrogen charges. They also have a pressure regulator and a sound-absorbing lid to stop leaks. To make the H-Series hammers more compact, Komatsu removes drawbars with power tools.