What are the brand of combine harvester? What is the weight of a combine harvester? Specifications and weights vary across different manufacturers of combines. Below are some examples of the weight parameters for major brands of combine harvesters:

  1. One of the most seasoned producers of agricultural machinery, John Deere, offers the John Deere S690, a well regarded product. The dense, heavy crops are also easily handled by this powerful equipment, which also performs admirably in terms of speed and maneuverability. The machine weighs 15,636 kg without headers.
  2. A German brand with outstanding performance on five continents is Claas Lexion 780. Due to its ecologically friendly engine, the machine was recognized as such by the majority of industries. The sieve placements and fan speed adapt automatically when the machine travels across varied terrain, which further improves the performance of gleaning.
  3. A more recent model of Claas machines is the Claas Lexion 795. The unique green and black paint job on this limited-edition motorcycle makes a statement, as does the unofficial name “Monster Limited Edition.” Also, this machine is comparable to the 780 in terms of weight and specs, but it is known for performing better.
  4. The Case IH 9240 is the company’s most powerful and productive computer, and it has a gorgeous look. Moreover, it has the greatest recorded unload rate among contemporary combines and outstanding grain handling. Moreover, this machine weights 19,144 kg (without headers).
  5. The Guinness Book of World Records lists the New Holland CR 10.90 as the most effective wheat harvesting combine. Also, this enormous machine moves fluidly to independently control hydraulic suspension rollers and a longer track. This massive device weights 24,600 kg.
  6. Claas Lexion 8900, which is even more well-known and the biggest combine harvester in the world, exceeds the new Holland in terms of separation effectiveness and the proportion of threshed grain. Moreover, it has a larger grain tank than the New Holland. The machine weights 22,400 kg without headers.