What are the best way for selling heavy equipment? The sale of huge machinery is challenging. Choosing which websites that list equipment are worth the time and effort against which ones aren’t. Online sales of construction equipment goods are a challenge for many companies. Here are nine of our top internet suggestions for selling large machinery.

Few people look for $250,000 construction equipment, and even fewer have the money to buy one, making heavy equipment a niche industry. Even if you find a few customers who are interested and have the money to purchase a $100,000 excavator or a $300,000 bulldozer, they might not live nearby and be hesitant to pay for shipping the equipment across the state or country.

Similar to selling real estate, selling heavy machinery requires patience and a willingness to play the long game. According to MachineryTrader.com, the typical 972M wheel loader spends 105 days on the market before being bought. So, if you’re still having trouble making sales, keep trying. If you work hard to have your equipment listings viewed, the right buyer will ultimately find you.

  1. Post an advertisement for your equipment on Machinery Trader.
    One of the most well-known websites for purchasing for heavy equipment is still Intestate Heavy Equipment. It frequently shows at the top of Google search results for popular search keywords like “excavators for sale” or “heavy equipment sales.”
  2. Post an advertisement for your equipment on Craigslist.
    Even while you would not consider Craigslist to be the first place to seek for pricey construction equipment, it does offer a whole category for it called “heavy equipment.” For instance, at the time of writing, the Las Vegas Craigslist Heavy Equipment page has 1050 local sales ads.

Positives: Free listings for equipment owners. Additionally, “heavy equipment for sale Craigslist is a well-known Google search term. It is an online classified ad service. It suggests that a sizable number of people are using Craigslist to hunt for heavy machinery.

Cons: Craigslist sellers are prohibited from advertising equipment outside of the location where their company is located. Your listing can be flagged for deletion, for instance, if your business is situated in Las Vegas and you attempt to advertise your equipment in other places, like Los Angeles or Phoenix.

When listing your equipment, exclude your email address. Hackers and scammers have sent phishing emails using Craigslist. You only need to mention your phone number and website since anyone who is interested in making a purchase will call.

  1. Post about your equipment in Facebook groups for heavy machinery.

Advantages: Some advertising packages include with in-depth analytics and statistics. You may monitor the quantity of impressions, clicks, and phone calls an advertisement generates. Even better, you can record incoming calls so a manager can listen in and advise salespeople on how to increase their lead-to-conversion rates.

Cons: It could be expensive to list equipment on Machinery Trader. Their pricing strategy is still focused on their print publication, which explains why their unexpectedly high advertising costs.

Machinery Trader does not presently let equipment sellers to post their equipment online; in order to advertise your equipment on their website, you must also pay for a space in their print magazine (s). Unlimited inventory listings are included in ad packages that start at $295 per week and $50 per week per machine, respectively.

Several Facebook groups purchase and sell construction and agricultural equipment. Others concentrate on a particular machine category—forklifts, for instance—or a particular geographic area—the Southwest United States—while some are general “heavy equipment for sale” organizations.

Benefits: Sending a single item to several groups at once is possible on Facebook, and using them to market equipment is free. A piece of equipment may be listed in a matter of seconds.

Facebook groups may also prove to be a great method to get equipment seen by potential customers as a result of a recent change in the newsfeed algorithm. In order to “prioritize the Pages and groups we expect an individual may care about the most,” the admin changed Facebook’s algorithm at the time of writing, which caused postings from groups to appear at the top of many people’s news feeds.

Cons: Thousands of people belong to several Facebook groups for heavy machinery, and each group’s page frequently posts new listings. It might be difficult to see your listings through the clutter.

Pro-Tip: Include a link to your website in the article description and use high-resolution photos. Even if nobody from Facebook decides to purchase your product, placing a link on your page may help drive traffic to your website and increase brand recognition.

  1. Create a mailing list of individuals who are eager to hear what you have to offer.
    When used effectively, email marketing might be a potent technique for selling large machines. By including an email capture plugin to your website, you can encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list. For instance, you may run a Facebook advertisement that specifically targets your website’s prior visitors and Facebook fans.
  2. Speak with nearby suppliers.
    Instead of publishing a Facebook advertisement, commercial, or billboard and hope that someone sees it, why not speak with an equipment sales representative directly? For instance, if you have a lot of Caterpillar equipment for sale, look out local CAT dealers and get in touch with them via phone or email. Naturally, you must first have the person’s name and direct email address. However, the contact information for many equipment websites’ sales representatives is visible on their directory page.

Advantages: Making a call or sending an email is simple and quick. You will have caught the sales agent’s attention, and even if he doesn’t have the funds to purchase your equipment right now, he may think of you the next time he needs anything.

Cons: Heavy equipment companies may be wary about receiving a cold call without an appointment because salesmen contact them all day.
Email Advertising 6.

Benefits: If you join up for email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, a basic subscription is offered for free. An email marketing platform offers particular information, unlike Gmail or Outlook. For instance, when email recipients open your message and click on email links. It will enable you to contact people who clicked on your listings via follow-up emails.

Cons: It takes time and preparation to create a focused lead list. It also requires talent since if you do it incorrectly, your account can be flagged as spam. If you’re new to digital marketing, we suggest enrolling in an email marketing course. The majority of the courses are free to take.

The practice of ranking your website for certain search phrases that potential customers could enter into Google is known as search engine optimization (SEO). For instance, “wheel loader for sale” or “caterpillar motor grader.” It may make sense to create a page on your website just for that term if you frequently sell a lot of the same equipment. Even though it can take years of consistent work before your website starts to rank on Google’s, it’s a strategy worth pursuing in the long run.

Pros: If you rank organically for popular search phrases, you’ll be able to lower the amount you pay on Google or Facebook adverts. This may result in long-term cost savings for you.

Cons: The payoff from SEO might take months or even years. If you need to sell equipment rapidly, you may want to think about other options like auctions or advertisements on Machinery Trader.

  1. Connect with potential customers on LinkedIn.
    A business-to-business social media platform is LinkedIn. So it’s worthwhile to log on if you haven’t in a while. LinkedIn is the unofficial “Facebook for business owners” since it has worked hard to model its newsfeed after Facebook.

Making Facebook advertisements 8.
With 2.3 billion members, Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world and the third-most-visited website.

The following Facebook statistics are fascinating:
According to math, 68 percent of Americans use Facebook.
The typical Facebook user clicks on 8 ads every month.
A national Facebook ad targeting persons who work in the construction and heavy equipment industries has a potential reach of 350,000 people, according to data from our equipment advertising.

Benefits: Facebook advertising is reasonably priced. If done effectively, you may generate clicks to browse websites for as little as a few cents.

Cons: Facebook advertising can be tough to use in order to get quick results, despite its strong ability to increase brand recognition. Instead of shopping, many use Facebook to reconnect with old friends and view adorable kitten videos. Utilizing Facebook adverts to get email addresses is the secret. Additionally, you may leverage these leads for later retargeting campaigns on Facebook or by email.

  1. Get in touch with your present customer base.
    On LinkedIn, when you “follow” (or connect) with a new person, they will immediately follow you back. This suggests that you might easily triple your following in a matter of days. On the other hand, you may add 100 new Instagram followers. However, you might only convince one or two of them to go back with you.

The job descriptions of everyone are included in their profiles, so you may be quite selective about who you connect with. For instance, you might only buddy individuals who work in the sales department of the companies you want to sell to. A HubSpot study found that compared to Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn produced 3X more conversions.

Cons: Since many individuals register LinkedIn accounts but seldom utilize them, it can be challenging to routinely maintain meaningful relationships. This, however, seems to be altering. As of March 2017, 260 million users used LinkedIn on a monthly basis, up from 106 million in 2016.

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